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In this day and age it is clear that the world has a drug and booze problem. It isn’t so clear if it’s a function of the overall population increase that we are more aware of it- or if the actual rates of addiction are just at record highs. Either way, we have a global epidemic on our hands. It is the source of great unhappiness, precipitating crimes or many varieties, and resulting in ruin for many humans and those around them.

Since the dawn of time, humans have been drawn to intoxicants. From what we can tell, about 10% of the overall people in a group will develop an inability to moderate their behavior around a substance. Why? It appears that a mix of factors contributes- in our view the chief among these is brain health, but socio-economic conditions play a role, as do trauma, both physical and emotional.

It isn’t a clear line to cross, when an individual goes from use to abuse. It most often is determined by ourselves, or by our family or loved ones, as opposed to a doctor. There isn’t quite a machine that will tell you if you are an addict yet, but MRI’s are very conclusive, showing brain damage in late stage cases.

healing addictions naturallyWho We Are and What We Do

We are a non- profit clearing house for information concerning healing the disease of addiction with alternatives to conventionally available addiction treatment. We are not an addiction treatment center, and we are not affiliated with any treatment centers.

We provide easy to digest and use information that will empower you to help yourself heal and recover from the disease of addiction.

Our philosophy is that addiction is caused by an imbalance in neurochemistry (neurotrtansmitters like GABA, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphin), possibly combined with deficits in neurophysiology (damage to the structure of the brain through chemical or physical trauma). We have found that emotional issues that appear to be underlying the disease of addiction, are not actually a substrate, but a result of these likely inherited problems with the brain itself.

We believe, based on our own experiences and hard- earned wisdom, that healing the disease of addiction demands a multi-facteted approach. We have found that the more positive ways it can be addressed, the better chances the sufferer has of overcoming and eventually recovering from the illness. This follows the model or current understanding of addiction from a neuro-biological viewpoint: we build new connections in our brain and thus habits by sending electromagnetic energy (thoughts and behaviors) through the circuit, strengthening it each time. The same process that is used to build an addiction, can be used to un-build it.

Unlike conventional addiction models based in the 12 steps, we do not believe that you need to permanently label yourself an “alcoholic” or “drug addict”, and submit to years of meetings and philosophical indoctrination, which we have seen to be counter- productive in many cases. The most important thing to differentiate our philosohpy from that of other programs is the firm assertion that you are not powerless! 

In this age, you have more power than ever to overcome addiction.

natural healing- a lotus rises out of the mudGet Started Right Now!

We would like to encourage you to start right now, right where you are. If this brings up resistance, make a note for the future, and do it anyway!

To start today healing your addiction for free, check out Phase I- Healing Addictions with Alternatives to Conventional Treatment.

Thank you and may you succeed in your healing journey.

Founder of Drug Addiction Alternatives LLC.